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Our Warranty policy

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+ Limited Warranty

This Limited Warranty is limited to defects in materials and workmanship of the product as supplied by the manufacturer. BCS warrants that for the Warranty Period, under normal use, the Product is free from defects and workmanship. If the Product fails to meet this warranty of and Buyer gives BCS written notice thereof or returns the Product to the seller of the Product during the applicable warranty period, BCS shall repair or replace the Product, in its sole discretion. Buyer shall be solely responsible for the selection, use, efficiency, and suitability of the Product and BCS shall have no liability therefore.

+ Warranty Period

The warranty period begins on the date of purchase. BCS offers a ninety (90) day part/Product replacement warranty unless otherwise stated on the Product packaging. If your Product packaging states Limited Lifetime Warranty, BCS will warrant the original Product as long as you own the vehicle on which the part was originally installed.

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