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When you have decided to purchase an item and click "Add to Cart", it gets added to your shopping cart and takes you to the Shopping Cart page. This page contains everything you have previously added to your cart, as well as your most recent addition. It shows the quantity of each item as well as the total cost thus far. From here, you can click "Proceed to Checkout" to complete your purchase, or continue browsing. Leaving the "Shopping Cart" page will not remove anything from your cart.

If you choose to continue shopping, you can view your cart from any of our stores. Look for "Cart" in the upper right hand corner (it is just right of "Account | Wishlist | Login | Sign Up"). It will show how many items are currently in your cart, and the total price of all those items (not including tax). Hover your mouse over "Cart", and it will give you a full detail of everything in your cart, as well as a link to Proceed to Checkout. The two icons to the right of each item in your cart mean you can edit your item () or completely remove it from your cart ().

Additionally, you can add any item from any store, and it will all be added to the same shopping cart. That means you can add a Raider helmet, a Mossi jacket, and an item in our Outlet Center, and it will all be stored together.

If you are signed into your account and need some time to think before purchasing, you can rest easy - the items will stay in your cart until you either remove them, or purchase them. If you don't have an account, though, the items will disappear from your cart after an hour. For more reasons to sign up for a free account, check out Why Sign Up? or to log in to your account, go to Log In. Happy shopping!

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