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Customer Service


How to return or exchange an item

Item must be receive within the 14 days of purchase.

Click the Plus (+) for more information.

+ To exchange an item

In order to exchange an item, we must first inspect the return, to ensure it is able to be resold. After that happens, we ship out the replacement. The fastest method to get around this process is to simply return the item you wish to exchange, and then purchase it's replacement on the website.

You will have two charges on your method of payment until we process the return, but once this happens, the original charge will be refunded.

If you wish to do this, click "+ To return an item" and follow the listed steps. Once this is finished, find the replacement item you would like on the website, and proceed through checkout as normal.

If you would prefer to wait for the return to be processed, ensuring you won't have two charges on your method of payment at any time, follow the steps in "+ To return an item", but in Step One, when contacting Customer Service, state that you would like to exchange your purchase, rather than just return it for a refund. Our Customer Service Representatives will assist you.

+ To return an item

CLICK HERE email our customer service department or click HERE if you have your order ID and would like to return, exchange or track your items.

+ Call Customer Service

If you no longer have your Order ID, please call our customer service department toll free at 866-237-6043
We are available Monday - Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm CST - International calls are accepted

+ Important Information

Raider / Mossi is actually very versatile when it comes to returns. If you order products from both stores in the same purchase, and decided to return them, you can do that in a single shipment.

Similarly, if you made two separate purchases (say, on different days), and again, still want to return them both, as long as we receive them within the 14 day window, you are able to return them both in the same shipment. You just need to make sure to include proof of purchase for both orders! (You will still need to get Return Authorization Numbers for both purchases.)

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Our customer service reps are available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST. International calls are accepted.