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Raider Powersports :: History

Raider Helmets.

Mossi Jackets.

Factory Spec Brake Pads.

It all starts here at BCS International.

Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, BCS International designs and manufactures parts and accessories for the power sports industry. BCS is involved in every step of the process “from womb to tomb” and our team will oversee all products from the first moment of design to the packaging and point of sale.

BCS isn’t your average power sports product supplier. Personal service is our focus. Rather than selling solely through retailers or solely to customers, we’ve adapted to bring you the best of both worlds. Our products can be found in many fine retailers around the world, as well as directly through our company website. If you’re looking for our top selling branded products, we want to make sure there is a simple and convenient process to find them.

With our ongoing desire and commitment to fill voids in the industry, BCS International will keep adapting to the changing times by creating customer accessibility like never before and continuing to improve its execution and point of sale at the retail level.

Our Story

In the Beginning: 1971 - 1998

The company roots of BCS International can be traced back to 1971 when Raider was merely a small distributer of snowmobiles, parts and accessories. Over four decades later, the snowmobiles are long gone but the parts, accessories and passion for the industry still live on.

Moving Forward: 1998 – 2013

Since 1998, BCS International has moved into 3rd generation ownership and has continued to grow with a fantastic team and great products at great value. In 1999 to 2000, new product development had begun and the Raider brand began to evolve into what it has become today. In 2001, 35 stores in North America had Raider Branded Products on their shelves. In 2003, the Mossi brand was born and began to be distributed. In 2004, 300 stores in North America had Raider branded products on their shelves. In 2007, 500 stores sold Raider branded products and that number has been continually increasing ever since.

Where Are We Now: 2019 and Beyond

Currently in 2019, thousands of stores across the globe have Raider branded products on their shelves and this number is rapidly increasing. BCS International continues to expand its product lines and innovation, and the company continues to grow while remaining true to its mission and personal service ideals.